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Sheet metal work

Sheet metal work is carried out by the experienced staff of the company. Among the specialized work done by our staff is the replacement plating plating, decks, booster, fences bulkhead seats and single tanker wall vessels in double etc. We, also, undertake work in all areas of the vessel, (top side, double bottom, cargo hold, hopper tank, accommodation, fore peak, etc.).

Welds made by qualified welders like lids repairs, holds and seals of all types take place in Psichalis Shipyard.

Piping works

The company undertakes piping work such as the repair and construction of the ship's piping, such as water systems, oil, drain oil etc.

Our qualified staff undertake a number of special constructions of all types of pipes such as stainless steel, copper, galvanized as well as network components.


Regarding the docking of the ship, the replacement plates located laterally, and under water are works that Psichalis Shipyard is recognizable. Expert teams make substitutions, construction and rudder repairs, construction and ship repair bulb etc. Finally, the company carries out cleaning, Blast, sandblast and ship paint.